like holding my breath but the opposite

i love the power of my focus. i love having a crush on myself. i love loving myself. i love that everyday is a choice. i love that tis up to me if i want to be in the vortex. i love that i can say i am. i love that everything is perception. i love making so much progress everyday. i love the power of my focus. i love the contrast that forces me to focus.

i love that there is no better environment to connect to source than one in which i can choose thought. i love that i choose thought. i love that its a choice. i love the feeling. i love practicing the feeling. i love getting better at holding it.

like holding my breath. but the opposite. but the same. lol.

its the same because it does feel like something i’m holding. practicing getting longer durations. its the opposite because it feels good, not uncomfortable.

this day is perfect. everything is unfolding perfectly. everything is fun. everything is excitement. everything is love.