grateful for this day

this lazy day this cozy day
to look forward to waking up day

grateful for this day
to have nothing to dread
to have our work done
to get to start my long book
so grateful to the wife
for all she days

love waking up feeling good love doing this work theo nly work
love journaling!!

i’m here and i’m doing the work and i’m focused i’m
focused in the here in now in the
god self in the infinity of god and my abiliyt t

to focus is fitness of the mind my abiliyt to focus ongo
god and not random other shit
that is focus of the mind and that is what this work is i love that
i get to choose it i love that i

get to choose it i love

fitness of the mind and the larger
weights i cn li
can lift the more i practice the more
i practice feeling good focusing into
this here ando
and now feeling the rest life

feeling the misbeliefs
rise away fom the
self myself

jump fully intothis
day feeling the fee

fullness of this day and not needing to add naything to it

so grateful for my presents!!

so grateful to be loved it feels good to be loved
it feels good to take the loving route
it feels good to love to feel the feeling of love knowing

love is all there is i’m here ‘m im

immersed in this feeling i’m tuned i’m tuned to the
god self to teh truth

i know the truth right now i tune myself to this here and now
to practice what it feels like to let go
of the rest i relentlessly pursue present

and that’s all there is if i find myself outside of the now
i always ba
come back to here a

i love that i know that all of life reflects me
and i get to choose it i get to choose it

this is the focus the
feeling is the only focus the
feeling is all there is and i love
that i always know its me

i come here to focus and i don thave to
to rush through it why rush god why rush feeling
good just

make the time make the time to tune the instrument

i’m here aligning i’m here tuning the instruent

to the tune of god
of the one truth of love
i’m here tuning the instrument to love

remembering who i am what i am what i am
i’m here i’m here i’m here i get to feel the feeling

i get to feel the feeling i want and hli
life helps me do it i love that
life helps me do it i love

that i’m healed i love that i’m healed i love that
the work always work sthis
this work always works the focus works in this moment
the focus in the

this moment always brining it back to the one truth
and the more i do the e
better i feel that’s all that matters how i feel
and i’m

i’ve known this for a long time
and i know it more and more every day

it never not is

it’s never not the feeling it’s never not the feeling
just choose it now because that’s all i can do

otherwise ive c

i’m creating more of a feeling that
i don’t want and i can alway s

choose the feeling i want

so grateful for this day for this amazingly awesome day
for the feeling of the focsu for the
feeling of my best self flowing through
for the feeling of a wind
for the feeling of celebratig life

of taking the leap of takig the
leap of feeling good and enjoying life
i enjoy life right now i enjoy the feeling of love right now
i send love right now

i’m here i’m god i’m here in the infinite here and now
i come here to remember what it feels like and i
take this practice with me

into the rest of my life where i can always come
back to the now and feel the release of knowing that i am
god and i am the one and only creator

i love by this one truth i live my
by this one truth

i’m fixated on the one truth
if i notice that i’m fixated on something else
i turn this fixation
toward the one truth toward the feeling of god

i can breathe easy because its not up to me
to try to create everything but simply allow it
just get out of the way of it and know that it is

i don’t have to do a thing
i dont have to do a thing

just trust just feel that’s all i can do and that’s
the only worthy pursuit that’s the only
worthy pursuit and i already feel it

i come here to not do anything
just be i just am and that’s all there is

it is

it happened
it was and now i am
and always was

it’s just the feeling and that’s all
there is i slip into the feeling float into the feeling
bask in the feeling of release

of renouncing my humanhood

my awareness understanding and knowledge
of the all providing activity of the divine mind within me
is my supply

my consciousness of this truth is unlimited
therefore my supply is unlimited

i know this and i come here to remember it i
know it i know its truth i know
i know it for sure so i celebrate life i celebrate the truth of it
i love that i get to feel it
get to feel every day the way i want to feel my whole life:

excited to get up and enjoy the day
loving my life the way it is

more than enough money to pay the bills and have fun

ability to but the things i need
so much love in my life

truly adoring every day

feeling at ease and trusting and loving life
knowing that

life is always on my side!!