i don’t have to care

something has been weighing on me
since yesterday and i woke up feeling

not as great today and i know this is the
reason because i’ve been running
it over in my head and it’s

making my spirit


and i don’t have

to or want to do things
that make my spirit
tired so i come here to recharge

because i know the vortex is here for
me and god is here for me and i know that
everything is always unfolding
perfectly and that the cotrast

contrast always helps me know

what i want

i’m getting more and
more opportunities to say no

which is funny because i was
blowing that up

feeling good about
being at a place where i can say no
but now i realize im attracting more
of that

which is fine but

i’d rather say yes
i’d rather

attract jobs to say yes to and
i know that the energy is what creates
and the focus is what

creates so if i just do

the work and

notice the energy
and then transmute it


that is what i see what i look for
i see so i know that i can just line up
with the energy

and i was feeling so

abundant ad the
and then i started feeling lack

because i did say no and then i
felt bad for it

which i shouldnt’


and this work always hepls
helps it always helps to work
through it and inow

i now i
i know i can always work through it
work through the

energy i know that i can
always feel the energy

look at the energy

look at myself
my world and ask

what would you prefer then?

and i know i have
the power to do that

i love doing good work
work i believe in i love

working directly with the client
and not design through

by committee and i know
that i’m worth it

i value myself and my work
and i know that i

and then i feel basd

bad like i should just do it
just swallow my pride
and my standards
and fuck how i feel about the work
and that

is my superior’s opinion

superior wth

really my colleague

and i want to be treated more like
an equal and for my opinion to matter
not to just be told
what to do like i’m some kind of animal
and you know better than me?!?!?

and i’m supposed to just do what you

what am i

a slave?!


im’ no
not doing that ay more

any more

i respect myself too much for that
and i know that

doing that is out of dfe


and i’m not a single
i don’t have to

not report
sexual harassment

no i wasn’t harassed

it’s just an example

but i believe in myself
an my

and my work and i know that
i don’t have to do bd work
bad work and if i want

good work it slawya

always comes

and i know

i know that only I can

decide how i feel about this
and if eel bad

and it sucks
it sucks feeling

i get to choose how i feel i get to choose
how if eel i get to chhos

choose how i feela nd i
and iknow i i know i am
the one and only creator of my
reality and i kno

i know t

i love that i can always choose
how i feel i love that i can
always get in the vortex and then

i love that i know life

can only refelct
reflect me i love that i know this
i love the better it gets i love doing
the work adn

making the choice to feel
better i love that i know i

can alwys g

always choose ohw i fee
how i feel i love that i am

in tune with the ne

energy that i can feel

whent he e

when the energy feels stagnatn

i can feel th

when the energy feels stagnant and i know
it’s always up to me
to float downstream

to allow the energy to flow through
me and to focus on the version i prefer

i love that i slept on ti

and i woke up feelnig
kind of shitty

i could feel that i felt
lethargic this mornting
morning and it’s because it
was weighing on me

weighing on me that
i feelt hat my
time isn’t being respected

and appreciated

weighing on me that
my vision is understood
or appreciated

weighing on me that i felt
like i was being forced to do something
i don’t

believe in

but i know i can let all that
go and all of that is just perceptions
and i9 ca

can choose to feel light
by trans mut

transmuting the
energy and feeling good about it
and i now

i know that’s

actually all ican do
i can do is choose the
vesion i pref

choose the version i prefer
and then let it come to me and i love
that it

reveals thy
i love that it alwys doe

always does i get to choose
i get to choose

and i love

get to choose
to have my time and work


and respected

it feels good to know

it’s only ever me it’s only
ever me and i get to choose
what to
do with

my energy
with my life with the way
i see my life and

i know that nothing
is ever acting on me

it’s acting through me
and if i don’t like

don’t like it

that means that i have the
to like it
as much as i don’t like it
and as soon as i
like it as much as i
don’t like it
then poof

i don’t have a problem anymore.