i’m here

and i feel good
grateful to feel good to feel the energy of life
to feel the knowing of life tofuc s
to focus
to be to o focused for teh busllhi

grateful to be here feeling the feeling
feeling the feeling of life

i feel good if eel life flowing through me
i feel good i feel

i feel the feeling of

i’m here focused i’m here alloiwng im

i’m here aware i am aware of my thoughts feelings
and emotoins and how the affect my reality
i am awre i am aware i am flowing i am energy i am god i am

everytihng i am nothing i am this
i am this energy i am these words i am it all and none of it matters

i’m so grateful to be here
feeling good so grateful to be here getting
to do this work getting to do my
work getting to live this life
so grateful to
get to live

this life to get to live this life

living this life getting to feelt his joy
this self the joy of self
getting to feel the joy of

gettig to

to love the joy of this moment
so grateful to return
to ti

to return to celebrating life
to feeling how i want to feel
to not caring what hoth

others think and so grateufl for the
contrast that helps me focus

so grateful to be here doing this work
enjoying life knwoing that
my only work

is to feel good my only work is to
feel good to enjoy life to celebrate to feel good to
ccelebrate the feeling of feeling good

knwoing that all of life
follows the feeling follows the feeling

follows the feeling of feeling good
of celebrating life of knowing
so grateful to knwo so

grateful to know to to

to knwo that it alway scomes back around so
grateful i get to feel the feeling and do the work the only work
to live my life by the work and tahts

that’s it

i live my life by the feelign
the feeling is all there is
and the feeliing is all ic an ever do

the feeling is alll ic an do


grateufl tob e back to
the magick to my
ways gratefult o be back to my way s’

to feel good now to feel good now

grateful to feel the focus of life
to feelthe

the truth of life the love of life

to know that its’a ll

all conduit to know that it’s all me
to know that it’s all me
to know that it’s all me

it’s only ever me and i get to choose
i get to choose

so greateful for gifts
so gateful i am loved

so grateful for my work that i love
for the feeling of closure
of things being resolved

emotions being resolved

so grateufl to be

feel the feeling of resolution
of connected to life
so grateful to get to jump
into life
to feel
the truth of life

the love of lfie
so grateful to
get to feel the fl

the love of life

grateful for a new chapter for a new era
for infinite possibilities in this
here adn now
and now

grateufl to feel the feeling to want to do it to want to do it
grateful to want to feel good
to already feel good to

feel optimistice

to feel grateful for all the fun i still
get to have for all the love i still get ogive
to give

i’m here an di feel resolved i thi h

this her eand now
i feel the heat from wthi

within the sun from within
i feel the sun from within

i feel certain i feel at peace in thiss here an dnow

and i’m focouse d
that is the real work the focus on one m

on point the one point being every point

everything and nothing all at once

and i can do it i can allow this energy to rise i am

i can allow this god energy to rise all the way

up to my crown and flow through me i am

i am you conducting

i love that i don’t care i love that
i don’t have to

care i love remembering the feeling of the

of me the feeling of releasing resistance
of jst

just enjoying just jumping in and enjoyig
making th

making the choice to give love
so grateful to feel the feeling
of the gates opening and the love pouring

forth pouring forth and through and in
and of

all around me not even pouring forth
but through and all ouring
how can you pour if you’re everything
the existing of pouring the being of pouring
a perpetual pouring motion

thank you for this feeling this
energy of me this energy of knwoing his love

this energy

i feel this energy this energy of knowing this
energy of love i feel the eenrgy of love

and i’ so

i’m so grateful to feel it

i feel the eer

energy of love and its feels os

good to remember it to remember what it feels like
to love life so grateful for

the feeling of loving life of knowing
of knowing that it’s for fun and celebrating that

of loving of chosing

choosing to love and let
the rest go of

choosing to love

thank you for the in and out
for where ia m right now f

for the feeling of knoing of trusing
and loving

this her eand now
this moment

one day i willm iss
miss it

think about how i didn’t appreciate it

all i can do is love this
here and nwo love

everything that is
i love that everything that is

it’s all i can do

i’m so gratful to feel it
to truly feel ita

and know this is all there is

this feeling is all there is

this feeling is all there is and
i celebrate that i get to feel it

that i get ot

to enjoy and celebrate my life!