it feels good to do the work

to allow myself to do the work
to work up the scale to love life to practice
the feeling of celebrating
it feels good to celebrate life today

to become it right now
it never happens in the future

life happens right now
life happens right in this very moment
this is life and it will never
not be rightn ow

when i teturn to
the here and now i

i feel the perfection of life
life happens in the here and now
and i never have to let anything
rob me of that

i never have to worry

everyting will
happen as it does and there’s
nothing i an do

can do

just accept just accept life and
it’s ups and downs and i do that i know
that i do that

i know i get to enjoy this
here and now a

i love the feeling of fully embracing
this here and now

i CAN breathe

and the more i look for evidence of it
the better i feel