it’s a mindset

i love that i know everything is a mindset
and that i am aware enough

to observe my mindset
observer my expectations

beliefs and i know that it’s easy to change
then i can

them i can massage them
and turn them and

iterate on them
until what i want to believe i what i actually
and i know this

i can look for what i want to see
i can look for the version i prefer
i can celebrate the version i prefer
because it already is and

all it takes is focus i love
that i get to remember that i’m always


exactly what i want

and it feels good to remember that
ti fee

it feels good to celebrate that ve

the version of life i prefer
i love that i get to choose
i love that i get toh

to choose i get to choose for the

feel for the thoughts
and the beliefs that resonate

that feel good and then i canthink
and eventually believe them
and i nkow that

i get to choose where

my focus

where my focus is
how i feel