it’s ok to trust the flow

it’s ok to trust the what is in this moment
and know that the enery is

is always changing all i can do in this
here and now is be aware of the energy
that is and accept it and i’m grateful

i am getting better and
bettter at acceping what

accepting what is and allowing
it to be i know that i would
prefer to feel inspired and full of energy
but sometimes life gives me a chance to appreciate
the contrast the sit still and come back to
center to

cause me to pause and ask myself who i am
i really am and what i really want and why i want it
and i know that i

all i can do is stay focused on the version i
prefer and feel the resonance with that and feel
gratitude in this here and now i know

resistance feels bad and allowing
feels good allowing

the awareness to say thank you for this
here and now the awareness to saythank
you for this here and now and the

awareness to feel good the feeling of
feeling good it feels good to feel good and to know
that notm

no matter what the circumstances
i can always feel good and i’m glad that today
is hlepin g


helping me accept the isness
of life and to see that i am
getting better at it and also
feel the version i prefer the

version where i jump into the flow and i know
that i can always jump intot he flow
i can jump into the flow right now and let the
rest go i love that ‘ve de



i’ve decided to feel good about life
to jump into the fow and
i know it doesn’t require effort only

attention only energy and i love
that i can let go of

needing things to go
a certain ay i

way i can let go of that and look
for what to celebrate in this here and now
and i love that i am
getting better at that

at turning the focus the attention i am
getting better and better at turning the

attention and i guess

what makes me feel
frustrated is that i feel like
i do this work and don’t make
any perceivable

progress but i also know that
the perception is only mine



but i know i am always feeling closer to self
to spirit
to the knowing of who i am a
and in that way i am

making ‘progress’

i know that all that matters
i know

is knowing the god self within
me and i can feel that i am
letting go of the rest i cam

i am more and more courageous
about letting go of everything

besides god and this
ist he work the work tha thelps me do that
helps me take the big leap

and accept the here andnow it

it eel

feels good to accept the here and now
and let go of the rest it feels good

to be aware of who i am
it feels good to do the good work tok now that

to know that god is

always helping me

it feels good to relax into the here and now to t

to trust it and to know that all i can
ever to


to feel good to feel bettter
is to relax inot the the here and n
now of me it feels good to do me
to do the

the only work that matters
to pay attention to where i am putting my focus
it feels good to

to feel for the energy inside me and know that
ti’s a

it’s always there and i don’ thave to

create it

it’s already there

right now and i get to celebrate that
i love hte
the freedom
to bask i love

the freedom to enjoy thiss

the stillness of the moment i love
that i know it’s all me and i’t sonly

only ever an indicator i know that life
is only ever an indicator
so i choose to feel the feeling right now

i choose to do me i choose
to break from fromt he

the chians

chains the perceived

control i choose to do me
to do what i want when i want to

and that is what my heart
is yearning for

to feel totlaly

totally and completely free
and the freedom to do m e

i can always let go ofthe
the expectations and come back to ther e
the here and now and do me in

this here and now that it

that is what is stifling me
living for someone

someone elses expectations and i know
what i really want is to live life for me

only me

only consider what i want

and then i feel free

do me no matter what and that’s
all i can do
and that is what the magick is

helping me

live life for me totally for me
and no one else and when i do that i can

always feel good now because i’m no

not living for someone
else not

not acting
because of their needs or expectations

not thining

thinking i have to do or be something
else because of someone else and

when i amke the choice to

live fully as me
as i want to live

with no apologies

then i feel free

i feel free as i want to be in this here and now
and i can always turst

trust the flow of this
here and now and focus on me

i can always just do me and i
don’t have to care ou

about what anyone else thinks
and that

sets me free

no i intend to live fully
as me which means being fully
present in my own life

in this here and now

showing up fo rme

for me

not for anyone else
and trusting the flow completely
because that is all i can ever do