grateful to wake up feeling good

to get to celebrate this day to get
to love this day so grateful to love getting up!

i love my life i love that my life
is so good!!

grateful to know god grateful to know god
is in everything
to choose what i look at to choose to celebrate this day

to know the feeling is always here no
matter what i am i can feel the feeling i can tap into the
lust for life the celebration for life

so grateful to get to start this day
to get to open the windows!

to get to eat yogurt
for window air conditioners

knowing that i don’t need anything else
i don’t need possessions i don’t need property

so excited to have a good day
to feel the feeling of celebrating life rising within me

to know it’s always here with me
to know i get to celebrate life today!!

so grateful to celebrate life today!
so gratefult o feel good today to love life today