i know who i am i know what i am

i know wat i
what i am i know the energy of me and i can
watch life fill the space i know that

is my talent and that is my only work
and when i know i’m watching life fill
the space when i allow it
then it comes and its all about expectation
what i look for and i love that i’m allowing
it i love the better it gets i love

allowing life to flow through me
and its all about training the attention
training your attention
training your attention i love that ii get to do it i love that
this is my life i love that his
this is my work

i love that i know the only wor
and that is all life is ever trying to do
is remind me
of the god self remind me
of the only work i know the only work

thank you thank you
thank you thank you

i know i love that i know i love
that ige

get to take the big leap
into every moment i love that i
get to say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!