this is the only work

and i can relax fully into the moment
today i realx
relax fully into the here and now
and know that

it never matters how
much i get done
or how perfect i am
that doesn’t make

give me value or make my life
good i know that life will unfold
how it will and

that’s not up to me so i just
watch and enjoy the ride i love that today
i get to enjoy the ride i love the pwoer
of the focus i love

making the choiceto

tof ocus
whatever it is i’m goid

doing focus on that

focus in the here and now
and allow life to flow through me
without resitance

when i am aware of the god self within me
as my total fulfullment

i am totally fulfilled

i am now aware of this truth

i have found the secret to life
and can relax int the
in the knowledge that the activity
of divine abundance
is eternally operating in my life

today i focused within
today i’m focused on allowing the

best of life to fol
flow thorugh me today i ‘m focused

on allowl ife to do the work
today i’ a

i’m allowing life to live me
i’m jjust
just enoying

enjoy the moment
of the day
enjoying this blissful day
and not

things to make me feel stressed

it feels good to let go of stress
of worry
of perfectionism
it feels good to let go

of perfectionism and always do my best

it feels good to focus
to do this work to feel focused in my life to feel good in my life

it feels good
to feel good in my life it feels good to feel good in my life
to love my life right now
to allow the best of life to flow thorugh me

through me

i feel overwhelmed with all that needs to get done

thigns i

tasks i don’t neccesarily fully
know how to accomplish
but i can relax in knowing that

everything always works out
i can relax in that
and make the choice to just enjoy the process

today i am focused in the flow
today i am focused
on allowing the best of myself

today i make it a point

i know it’s an emotional journey every time
so what makes me feel stressed

not getting enough done
never knowing where the day goes

but if i enjoy ever moment
and savor every oment and know
that every omment

moment is perfect then
i never have to wonder
i can know that
every omment


and i can choose the knowing right now
it feels good to relax to know that

i cant keep being stressed all thet ie about
little things
and that focusing on my work
will help but also focusing on the
feeling of joy within

not letting anything steal my joy
and knowing that
no matter what happens

i will be ok the universe will take care of me
so evern if i don’t get paid
or if i don’t do the job perfectly

i will still be ok
and loved and taken care of and i love that
i know that

i get to celebrate this day right now
in thie
this here and now