this is the only work

and the choice is the only choice

what is
the choice?

the only choice?

the only choice
is the decision to allow

the divine to take
the wheel the only choice
is to make the choice

to decide
that what will be

will be

to trust everything that is
to decide to allow the magick
to do the work

to decide to keep making
the choice over and over

to decide the way you want
it to be

then decide

to keep deciding

to keep making that choice
because it’s pretty easy to make it

and then totally contradict that choice
moments later
by worrying

by wondering by thinking
about the past or the future

by projecting the vibration outside
the self

the choice is to keep the focus
at the center of self
which is the center of the universe

not just heart center
or belly center

but much deeper than that
much further beyond that
beyond the center of the

beyond the center of even
this universe

the center of all that is
that is the focus that
is the place to get to

that is the vacation
that is the destination

this is the only work
the choice is the only work
and the things

that help you make
the choice

are here to help you
little friends
little helpers

little angels

all of the contrast is
angels giving you solutions
and this

this is the only work
knowing this truth is the only
work knowing this

universal law is the only work
and the more you know the magick

the more you see the magick