don’t let it be
the cost of your freedom
just say yes thank you
celebrate that you are a match to
that i am a match to that
and i don’t need that i know

that isn’t what my life
is about i know that won’t make me
happy and i know it
is a feeling that makes me happy
i know it is a feeling
of trusting the flow

trusting what is there trusting
what is there
and all i can do is feel genuine gratitude
and i know it’s a feeling and i can
feel the tide turning
on that feeling

because i remember

i can feel the tide turning
i canfeel myself wantint to

to feel good to feel elevated to
feel confident in my work i know

i know that it’s that

just the unfolding of things
i love that i get to celebrate that
we did a good job!!

we did a really good job and we should celebrate!!

and we will feel that abundant again
i can choose to feel the feeling again
and i know it can only
ever be a match to me i know that
i am allowing it iknow that
i know that

i am allowing it and i know that
this ah

happens with everything
you get somes

some thing
you think it makes you happy
you push it away

get depressed about
not having it

and you try really hard to
get it back

but you never do

you have to move on you
have to move on to move one

to the next feeling trust the feeling
trust the feeling move on to the next feeling