what’s really going on whats reall going on
im mad because i look like a piece of shit
like i dont do anything like
i get my value from doing something from someone else

whats really going one waht i
whats really going whon

what is the source
leaving god leaving god is all there is
there ever is i dont need anything
from anyone i dont need anything
from anyone

all i can do is trust god all i can do is

trust god i

if something is missing its god and no one else
i feel like shit becuase shes “the pro”

and ai

im a piece of shit

all the fucking time
all day every day jessica s i
si snumber one jeusssic ais number one
and it a;skjfnasjdvcmklfg,vb cm

but jessica is not
number one juessia;lkjas;flkjaslkdf;jaslkfja;slkfjlzdsk;fj

is number one ;laneflkjaselk;fjaslk;dfjn.sldkvm’k
as if i odnt do nfuasdlknas;lkfjnasl;kfnjkasl;

any fucking thif

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