all there ever is is connection

it feels so good to remember
to always come back to this one
and only truth

this one and only truth

that all there is is connection
or not

and that’s all that matters
and that is all that will ever bring joy

nothing outside of me brings joy
only connection with the self within brings joy

outside of
me will ever
everlasting joy

it is only a

distraction from the real emptiness
with is connection with the
god self

and just through that realization

i feel immensely better

what does it mean to commune

to say it’s only ever connection?
what does it mean to day

to say it’s only ever conneciotn
it’s only ever the connection

what does it mean???

it’s not about the things otus
because the outside reflects the inside
and when i

i know source

when i know the god self

it’s never the thing
it’s the connection and life
reflects that it’s the connection

it’s not the thin

there’s never a problem only
disconnection with the source within
with the infintei

source of love within
i know there is infinite love within
i know i am

love and that’s all there is

who is my higher self?

everything me
love mist

it’s never anything outside of me
i seek that is makeing
me feel bad
its disconnectionf rom
from source

which means feeling
not like how god would feel about anything

disconnected from love