allowing the flow

i never have to be nervous because i know life
loves me and it always has

and it always will i have
have to wonder if

this person loves me or if we will
ever be

reunited so i can feel good
and validated because i think they
have something i don’t or i think

they can give me something
i don’t have

because i know i am already complete
how i am so i never have to look

outside of me for something
else to make me feel good and the more
i remember that

when i want something
its because i want to feel connected to
god because i want to feel
the feeling of


that comes with feeling
connected with god

that is what the

comes from

nothing else.

not from finally
obtaining that thing
or getting to that position

its from choosing it
in this here and now i love that i
get to celebrate life in this
here and now i love the better
it gets i love that i am

so loved i love that
i know this i love that life is
good i love that i know


and i love that its working
my mind is catching on that
the more i let go the better i feel and i know
its only a matter

of practice i love that
its getting easier and
easier to let things go