another amazingly awesome day

and i can feel the energy
feel the energy of me and i can feel that
i’m looking for the worst and asking
why i don’t have
what i want and i know it’s easy to turn the boat
on those thoughts

i know that sometimes when something
good happens then the energy
i can’t handle the energy do i try to go
back down a notch where i feel bad
but better because that is what i’m used
to but i know that with practice i can find

a new
i love that today i s a good
day i love seeing beautiful pictures
i love letting it come
to me i love that all i can
ever do is let it come
to me and i love that it
is i love

waking up doing the work i know that
i can do i
can do it

i can feel the feeloing of
feeling of positive expectation
i can allow the magick to do the work
i can let it come to me
i can let it come
to me

and i can say

yes thank you yes thank you ye s
thank you

thanks for everything and as i do
the work i feel better as i let it go
let it go and allow god to do the work
i know that whatever

happens and there’s
nothing i can do about it
the best i can do


expect the best