at least try

to do the only work to remember the only truth
to take back your power at least try to take back
your power to remembe who you are not
to care to not ccare why do i care why do i care

becaue i see myself as separate and that’s the only
reason why that’s the only reason why and i knwo i now
its practice its focus its devotion and life
lers me now

know when god isn’t there its very obvious
its ver

very obvious when god isn’t there

at least try instead of blaming
its easy when i come here if i can just ccome here first then ill be fine if i i

can just coe hre first then ill be fine
im learning ilm lean

im getting back to it its esa
getting easier its eat

getting easiser to remember thre sno

self only a separate self would care

the no dula self
trust the flow

trust life and doesn’t care

jut try to find god just try

try to allow life to allow life to not have to
scrutinize every single thing

at lesat i know its me i know its me
and i celebrate how far ive ccome i now its

i now its only eer m i know its on ly
ever and i can be brave enough to just focus on god

if im tired of the same bs then i know what
and its me its only ever me

its what i look for its
how I


react its how i see things its the way
i choose to look at
things and look for reaons to be mad
and fight in my head

i look for reasons to fight in my head

its me and i have to return to imperviousness
remembering i dont ccare bcause the

that will never be my source

its so easy its so easy to
see me to look at who am i
who ia
am i

i know who i am i know who i am
and im
giving away my powre creating soething that itsn’t
and tha’s all im doing

leaky maing t

mind thats its that its ia
dn t

its so easy to remember its so easy to remember to no
not let satan do it today

i know its me i know its not them its me
ite n

it never therem

i can see m
i see me
i look at me that’s alll i can
ever do is see me
and its so

clear i wants’

wasn’t seeing who ia
really am i wasn’t seeing who i really

but im brave enought ob
to be the person i want to be to believe in myself

to see what love for me can do today