choose security

choose to like myself choose to love myself
choose me to choose to love me first
chooset o love

to love my life first
choose to feel secure in my life
choose the version i prefer

choose me choose to feel good about me
and life is just that easy life is just that easy

i love myself and its up to me to do that
it’s up to me

to honor myself
to love myself to treasure myself
to choose me in every omment

moment to choose how i wnat to feel
to choose to look at myself that

the way i want to se
to be seen the way i know i sd

deserve to be seen and that’s not
on anyone else

it’s on me

to know my value
i know my value

i love myself and only i can do that
only i can know my value and celebrare

celebrate it and i don t

need anyone else to validate it
i know that only i get to choose how i feel
only i ca

i know the god self within me
and only i can commune with it
and i know if i think i’m

missing some sore of validation outside of me
it means i need to visit the god self
to remember that i am
god and that i deserve
to look at myself like i am

love myserlf like i am

god loving god i get to
i deserve to

i’m allowed to see myself
the way god does.

i love myself and i value myself
and i’m so glad i came to this realization

that it’s p to
up to me
its within me
not outside of me

its within me

so grateful i remembered its only me
that i get to deicde

decide my worth and my worht

worth is that of god
i know that i am god and i

now remember to see myself that

god is lavish unfailing abundance
the rich omnipresent substance of the universe

this all providing source of infinite prosperity
is individualized as me the reality of me