confidence booster

how would i and why would i want to
i know i know there
that i definitely lack a certain confidence in my own success
and to bring light to that

already feels like it helps a lot
but why

i feel bad about trying to make money
i feel that i am white and everything i do is

so how can i boost my confidence

how can i feel confident in my own success
believe in my own success

look for evidence of it
look for reasons to feel good about myself

believe in god.

i want to believe in my own work
to be

certain of my own success
to be certain of the cue

it wont take away from
anyone else

it can help hem


confidence booster
what would help me

what would help me is to

remember to believe in myself
and keep believeing in myself

keep believing in myself
in my version in my power
in my

proximity to god what would hlep
me gain confidence in my own owrk??

how can i feel more confident in my won work

own work??

let go allow trust
and know

trust know that i deserve it
that ia m am it

that my success is only measured by
my connection

lift up my mind and heart
what does that mean

boost my mind and heart how do i do that

i rise above i rise above the
negative thoughts the
resistant thoughts

i rise above the collective error thoughts
i rise above the
resistant thoughts

you’re releasing what is weighing you down
you’re releasing what is
weighing you down
and simply by not being

weighed down

you rise.

release the resistant thoughts that
are holding you back

release the beliefs

the limiting beliefs
release all the limiting beliefs
and without them

there’s limitless potential

you don’t have to try to think
your way to success, just stop
thinking yourself out of it.

how can i feel more confident
in my work and myself?

focus on it every day
cultivate confidence every day

cultivate it
look for things to like about my work
look for evidence that it’s working
even if just the smallest thing
and release the thoughts that
are preventing success and abundance from showing up

what about in a social situation
afraid of what someone will thing
afraid of how you will be received

so comes back to fear
in both cases comes back to fear

of failure
fear of rejection

confidence through

confidence in yourself
and confidence in life
in others

confident that life will show up for you
when you show up for it

then when you offer kindess

and authenticity

you will receive it

brave enough to be apologetically you

what’s holding me back?
inability to commit to a routine
fear that my work sucks? or doesn’t have value or is appropriative
or will face scrutiny
or will be seen as white

afraid to make money and be seen as a capitalist

the thought and then is opposite
and you cut the paper and they’re not weighed down anymore?

i do feel more confidnet

what would you do if you knew you were
going to succeed?

how would you feel if you knew you
were going to succeed??

get in the feeling place
of whre you want to be put yourself gh

get there without needing


how would you feel if you knew that
interaction was going to be a success?

how do i boost my confidence?
the first thing is being aware that
i wasn’t feeling confident
and that awareness can change a lot

i know i have many reasons to feel confident
and that i can choose
to focus on those i can choose to feel certain

i can choose to acknowledge the certainty
of god’s presence

that’s how you really boost your confidence is by

doing the work to remember

it’s not you

it’s not really you

it’s never you.

a pie graph that measures
confidence vs doubt

beginning and end?

confidence booster

confidence booster
boosting your confidence on the god within

your willingness to trust it
and your willingness to allow it
to come through you

a your genius self
when you allow god that is your genius self
when you

confidence booster
am i confident?

in my life?
in my self?
in god??

in the universe’s ability to provide for me??

sometimes lol