counting finale

i can’t believe we’ve been counting for
how many years for at least seven years
and there is still so much to it such depth

even when i just allow myself to count to 50

the feeling of release is always there
when the focus is there
the feeling of release is always

there’s still so much i feel like i need
to say about it so much that it feels impossible
to explain it all

and i still believe in it
after all these years i still know it works
i still use it and it works

i use other methods too of course

but silent counting is one i return to again
and again

and sometimes i do doubt it
because it can be

a ego trip
a job for the ego

the ego wants you think
you have to try to get to

to take a journey to get to

but you don’t have to count to 10,000
to get to god
just count to one

just switch the focus to god

you have to be careful the ego
doesn’t get in the way
the counting doesn’t become
anxiety inducing

or competitive within yourself
or a value scale

don’t let it become a value scale

because every second with god
is eternity
and don’t let the ego make you think
you have
to count to a certain number

to get that high
to get that god high
you don’t the
god high is always right
there waiting for you
and counting is a door to that

the door never closes.

its not about getting something
or getting something
or achieving something

its about how you feel when you do it
be sure to pay attention to how you feel
when you do it

when you count but you still
feel stressed

you’re not getting the effects

you must focus fully on the numbers
which means all

every single other things fall away

which means the past and future
don’t exist

this is difficult
it requires practice
it requires dedication

to focus fully on something
any one thing and not the myriad

infinite other possibilities
of things you can focus on

and that is why to count
to train your focus
to build your ability to choose where
you focus

to train your ability to be aware
of your thoughts and how they make you feel
to be

aware of how you feel when
there aren’t any thoughts
or when you’re not running with them

or letting them run you.

that’s the reason to count
its to experience the infinite now

and when you

commune with the infinite now
you know that you don’t need
a single thing

the counting will bring you the
things you want

undoubtedly your material life will

but don’t let that be reason
if you’re doing it for that reason
if you’re counting because you

want something to go a certain way
it won’t work

count to not care how things turn out
count to detach from outcome

and things will certainly go your way
but you’ll be fine either way

count to be fine either way

count to the bottom of the sea

count to become the valley.

count as an offering to god
imagine each number is a ruby

or an emerald that you’re giving god
to say thanks

you’re counting your blessings
and you could never count high enough
because there are too many blessings
in each moment

to name

let alone in a lifetime.

what you chant you become and
when you count

you become the infinite

you already are the infinite
but when you count

you come into alignment with your
infinite self

you understand the
infinite self

when you release all that is finite.
when you release the material
and you must
release a lot

there are a lot of beliefs
ingrained in you
a lot of systems

ingrained in you
a lot of habits a lot of


release it
if even for 100 seconds

be free

zoom out
become the watcher
become the one who is aware

become the one who is free.