devoted to the feeling and i know this is all there is

not only that but it’s the
feeling that i want to feel nothing feels like this work
nothing feels like this work and this work
is the only way to feel that feeling

of knowing the secret to life

through my consciousness of my god self
i draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of spirit
this substance is my supply
thus my consciousness of the presence of god within me

is my supply

i know ths i kn

i know the energy i do this work
to practice the energy i want to feel

i want to project into the world i tune
myself to it and it feels good its the only wor

the only work is being aware the
only work is being awrae of

aware of what i’m creating

so grat4ful for this day

for bike rides and full sun
for our masks for a cool
friend to talk to once a week

for pandora!!

for our ccles

classes to feel strong

hen the weather is perfect upstairs
abundant good food

we don’t have to cook
grateful for our yogurt

for my art supplies for
all my good art for my awesome office!!

i already have an amazing studio space!!
i love that i already do i love that i already have

a bunch of supplies i love that i
get to create all

get to make art all the time
and its for me and me only

i never have to think about others when i amke
make my art i love that i know that
abundance is always flowing to me i love
celebrating this knowledge
i love

that i know it will work out
i love that i get to feel good
that i get to love
i love

that i get to love
i love that i get to feel good get
to feel the alignment of life
the feeling of life
get to feel the

feeling of life

so grateful for presents in the amil

mail so grateful to be thought of

to train my attention
to have the tools to train my attention
to know the attention creates

to remember it in every moment
to create it

grateful to make the time
to build up the energy grateful i have the skills

grateful for sun
for my awesome bike for my
rack grateful for good food!!

grateful for my home for my faily

family grateful for the feeling of god
to practice this feeling to keep returning to it
to know that the feeling is life and nothing else matters

the feeling of my heart singing

i love allowing my heart to sing i love
not caring what happens i love that i
don’t have to care i love

ifeel good

i feel good i feel good i know the power of me
and its’ ju

to just keep returning to this feeling that
is the only work this is the only work the
god feeling is all there

is i love feeling god in me i love
feeling my vibration rise the love within me
i love feeling good about myself and my life

i love likeing myself and my situation