drenched in the feeling

so grateful to wake up drenched in the feeling to now that
i can do ti
to know that i i can do it i can do it

so greateful to wake up knowing the power ofme
to feel the power of me
i love

feeling drendching in the feeling i love
that i get ti love loving and feeling love i love
that she ldo
does love me i know that she

she does i know that she deose
i can choose to feel drendching hte in the feeling of my ownl ife

i’m choosing with every thought i
k now tha i am creating with every thought i know that
i am creating with

every thought i now its me creating it an d

i love that i can feel the feeling
i the feeling of knowing choosing teh feleing
of knwoing choosing

the version i prefer becaue i can

i’m always creating with
every thoght i love that i now this
that i can

relax intot hat one one knowing that
one thoguth i can
realx in

into the one thought
the one being the one knowing the one feeling
and i get to feel ti i love that
life comes easily to me i love that
i know tis teh feeling its the fee

i love that i now tis me i love htat its
me i love that i knwo i can do i can do it

i can do i know that i can do it i know

am i aware

who am i who am i
who am i that in
thats in a state of consciousness thas
createing htat i know ti kno

i know tis all me i love hta i kno the powerr
of em i love that i get to choose the porer
pweor of me i love htat

i get to choose transformation
i get ot choose to remfuse
the feeling of the other i get to refsue
those thoughts i love that its that iea sy
i love that tits easy
that its
esay ti

tis taht esay i love that ig et to refuse every thogh
thi get ot alll iv ei know i know lthat life loves m a
dn always takes care of me

the focus is all there is attention is all there is
and all i can do is be aware of my attention
knwoing that its all me

creating it that im the boss its up to me
its up

u to me whatever is a
say it is it is whatever is ay yits
it i

its i i say yes to what is i ma
grateful what is

accepitn eerything that is
for everything that is loving eveyrthing that is

the attention is all ther is focus is all ther is
the feeling is all ther is i know that life has to follow i know that
llife has to follow si kno that if eel it
and it is i love that i get to chosoe it i

and it is its that esy its that esyae its
that eays i love that i know how easy it
is to pracctice the verison i prefer

ok what do i want
what do i really really want

empathy support




so graetful to feel good to lean into the lfow
to get the alpha refllextion to know tis flowing
to knwo its time to know tis time

to know tis finally time si
is finally times a i
and i knwo it i nwo i nkow i

i love that i ccaf
feel it i love that i get to feel ti

i gt to choose the verion i prefer the
focus iprefe the feeling ip refer

the flow the god self the god feeling
the celebrating of life
i get to remember i dont care

i get to remember id ont care i ca
get to feelg o

good now i get to feel good nwo i

i know that i hae powres too haah
i nkow that i have tpowers too

and i lvoe that i get o you
to use the m i love that i dont have to cae i
i vle