easy to come back to center

because all that matters
is the feeling

if i want to write and
do me and come

back to center that is m y choice
it feels good

to make the choice
to look for what i want to
see to look for evidence of
what i want to see and rememeber i
am the creator

and it just doesn’t matter

it feels good to do the

work and celebrate life

i am

conscious of the inner presence
as my lavish abundance
i am conscious of the constant
activity of this mind
of infinite prosperity
therefore my consciousness
is filled with the light of truth

i am choosing the
truth in this right now
and refusing to suffer ia m
doing it i am choosing me
i am so grateful
i am choosing me

so grateful for the
space to do my work
to focus
within so brat

grateful for the space so
grateful to know life is flowing
perfectly through me so

place my focus on that whci

which i want to see more
of to be brave enough to believe in
it i am brave enough to belive in
the power within me