entire focus

on the god within as the only cause
the god within as the only cuase and i now that
that truth i know the one and only truth
i kno that the god within is the only cour

sourccei nowt

i know that nothing outsidde of me is real and its my choice awht
i align with whta t
waht i look at where i put my attention

i now attention i know attention creats i knwo ia m the one
and only creator and i nkow ig et to dream big and allow it to flow

i am allowing all of life to flow to and through me
i choos teh drr
the feelig id rive life with the feeling and i nkow
that is all there is

there ever is i know
i knwo that all there ever is is the

feeling iw ant to feel i the

entire focus on the god within
and i know this is the only one and only truth of life
i now there is only one truth
and only one point of foc

focus and only one thing to th


about i love that i nkow this and i get to live by this
truth i love that i know life i sl

is flowing pefecly through mei now that whatever happens will b
e in my favor i love that i ge tto love and a
ccept a

everything that is i lo that
i betg
get to love and accept everrything that is
i loe that i get ti lo i love that i get to love

i love that i know attention creates and thats a
all i need to rememberr i place

my entire focus on the god within
on the god within i love that i ge ttoi i love that
i now

i know theres nothing else just me and god and i get
to trut whatever happens i lovet hat ig et ti i love
that i get ti love that
i et to choose
i love that
i cche

get to choose whe i palcce my aattention

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