feeling is the secret

i love focusing on the feeling i love
doing this work and seeing effects of the practice i love
seeing the effects of the practice

remembering the devotion the
to the faith to the knowoing
not getting off rat
track and looking outside of me and
so grateful for the time and space

to fcous on the truth of life
the one truth

so grateful
we have more than enough
so grateful to be able to buy the things
i need so grateful to feel good

to love to know the feeling to know the truth of life
so grateful to know the truth of lfie
and celebrate it
to celebrate me to jump into my zone
of genius
to jump into giving life what i want to


i know that feeling creates and
that’s the only thing i should ever focus on
creating or changing and i love
that i get to relac in

relax in that knolwedge
so graetful i get to relax in that knowledge

that i get to feel so good now

so grateful to feel good now to love life now
to choose the feeling right nw
i love that it’s that easy and it will never not be that