get in the vortex and then

and that’s all i can do
is get my vibration right
and then do the rest and that
is what i


to make the time to do
get my vibration right
to where i am feeling good in
my life

feeling expansive in my
life i feel expansive in this life i feel myself expanding to
fill every moment i feel myself


for reasons to feel
good i feel myself letting go
releasing resistance
and raising my vibration i love
that its

easy to feel good to
return to center
and do the work to feel good


easy to feel good
and expand to fill this very moment
i let go of everything else because
i trust spirit
to guide me

so grateful i already am in
the vortex so grateful to feel
life flowing
through me

i’m already there i don’t need
to make anything happen
it already is

i appreciate stormy having
a home i

appreciate this rsain


i appreciate zach
i appreciate

indian roller

i appreciate my wife
i appreciate aving
having a place to live

i appreciate this
here and now i appreciate

flowing perfectly through me

get in the vortex and then
and i’m already in the vortex
i already have the feeling
in the

here and now i don’t have
to try or seek anything
because i already hve it

already in