grateful to want to do the wor

to be aware to feel aware to know awareness so grateful to know awareness
to be awareenss to remember in every moment and

who and hwat i am dna di’m so grateful i gt to

get to remember who and what i am
the pr

pure me the true me and i know this is the truth
and i get to rele

rellax into it i lovet hat i get to relax into the truth
i love that ig et to feel good
wtiht eh
truth i lovet hat ig et to be the trth
get to remember woh and

who and what i am
i love that i know i love that i know that i am

awareenss and that is all

god is lavish
unfialing abundance
thr rich omnipresenent substancce of the universe

this all providing sourcce
of infintie prosperity is individualized a me
the realtiry of me