i can always choose the feeling

that is the work the feeling work i can do it
in this case it is a chance to do the work!!!

idk why am i even wrapped up in
it got
my mind and it’s wrapped up in something that doesn’t matter

but i know i can use the focus work to let it go

i know it already is how i want it to be
i know that whatever is is perfect
i know it’s unfolding perfectly i know the perfect situation
will present itself

i know that we’re closer to being friends i know that i can
be cool with all my neighbors and send them love

i know that i dont have to spend any time thinking about them
or what their doing t
hat i can just focus on my own bliss

all i have to do is align with go on that
align with god on that feel toward
how i want to feel on that instead of creating

narrative that id on’t want
i keep thinking about this version that isn’t ever real

it’s not even real and i keep telling it!!

its got momentum and i need to turn that momentum
and i know i can do it easily

i love being freinds with the negihtbors i love
being freindly

but i guess i also like my space!!

can’t get too friendly lol

i respect my boundries and i’m proud of them
i’m happy with the things

the way things are i know things are how they
are and all i can do is accept them

i can’t beat myself up for something i didn’t do!!

i didn’t do anything i never did or didn’t do
anything wrong

and it all comes back to insecuriity!!

my own insecurity and that’s what i need to address

i am secure in who i am
i am secure in my actions and choices

i am secure in my own life

i am secure in who i am i am secure
in who i am i am

i know i’m always doing my best
to cultivate kindsness


i know i offer what i can to all people

why am i so hung up on this?!?!

it’s so dumb who even cares lol
that’s the other thing
i can just move on and think about something else

which comes back to insecurity

caring if people like me!!

which i have always done
cared too much if people like me and tha’ts anotheir

part of my vibration that i can feel my way
away from

it’s like i’m trying to access the feeling but its not there …

it’s me it’s how i feel about myself
and it’s the version i’m projecting

version i’m creating with my words and judgements
and i know that if i chance the

change the way i speak about i the way
i perceive it then it moves the energy i know that

everything is energy

i’m feelin toward the version i want

i want to be freiens with them
i want to say hi i want to be friendly

i want to be brave i want to reach out i want
to connect i want to be kind i want to be loving
i want to accept i want to love iw ant to

be a good neighbor

i trust my feeling i trust my gut i trust
who i am i

pay attention to me
i sink to center i sink down to the center
of who i am

i love where we live i love our neighbors i love
our neighborhood i love that
it just doesn’t matter i lvoe that it just doesn’t matter

that i get to choose to love and appreciate myself either wya

that i can have a good ay that
that i get to have a good day that
i get to have a good day

that i get to choose the feeling do
the vibrational work its alway svib

vibrational and its always me

i love that there’s so much to celebrate in this
dasy i love

that i

so grateful for our orders!!

so grateful for a huge DTC order!!

a 3 in box order!!

so grateful for our subs who also
buy our books!!

so grateful for teh best day ever working
so grateful for air conditioning!!

so grateful everything fixed itself!

i love our ordres i love woo commerce!!

i love doin th

this work the vibration work and knowing i can
always tre

return to center

at center i dont care

i don’t have to care i can just mind
my own lol

the kicker is it isn’t reali

none of it is

all i can do is come to god center all allow
life to act around me and i know it always does

i know it always is

i know it always is i know that life
is always arranging itself in my favor i know that this

must be a symptomof something
larger it is it s
a long standing

pattern of thinking that i know it
i can allow to dissolve

that i didn’t do something that i’m holding something
back that im

a bad person that i’m not likeable

that i


i love that i don’t have to care that
i can just return to co

to god center and that fixes everyting

restores the years the locusts have eaten

makes all things

and lifts me up
to the high road of abundant prosperity

this awrenes understanding and knowledge
of spirit

appears as every visible form and experience
i could possibly desire

i love doing this work the focus
work and realizing

where is my focus??

where is my focus and i love that
i get to choose where my focus is
i love that i get
to align with how i want to feel

that i get to celebrate this perfect day!!

i love that this was such a great day!!

i love having plenty of time to work
i love loving myw ork!!!

i love when we have to spend the whole dasy working on the school!!!

and putting together orders i love that
we get huge orders ever day!!

i love talking to aurora i love
that i’m attracting abundance from every angle because i’m

choosing to feel the feeling of it
i’m choosing to feel the feeling of community
and i’m cultivating confidence through
and i love that i can do it an d i

and i love that life helps me