i can always come back to center

i can always feel my god sel f
i feel my god self in thsi
here and now

i feel the feeling of knowing
who ia m i know who i am i know i
i now

i know who ia m
i know that i am
the one and only creator
but i never have to createa
anything i don’t do the creating

i allow life to create it for
me and i just

float along for the ride i’m
just floating along and that’s

i can do so i just get out of the
way and allow lie to
to flow through me i do th

this work every day to
feel connected to thre
the great mystery and i know that

only i could ever cut that off
i know tht ti’s al

it’s always right here

beneath the thougths that
block it
and i know it’s only
ever thougths i

and i know that i can let
go get out of the way and

allow life to flow i can
always come backt o

to center

to remembering

who i am i

know i am i know i am god and
i lean intot h
into the flow i l

lean into the flow i lean into the