i did it

i did it i did it i got in the vortex and then
and im proud of myself
for standing up for myself
for doing it calmly

for doing the thing i wish i always did for
taking the time for to
me to breathe

takking the time to breath and i feel good nwo i feel the
feeling rising now i e

i feel the magic rising now i feel the effects of the pracctie now
the fitness now i feel myself allowing a good time

i feel myself allwing love i feel myself allowing love

i know the feeling i know the feeling again
i found myself again

i know myself is always right her ei love that its always right here

i keep my mind and thougths off this world
and place my entire focus on the god within
as the only cause of my prosperity

so grateful to take the time
to come back to wo ho
who i am to who i awa

want to be to how i wan tto go
through the world i am aware of how i watnt

want to live what do i prefer

what do i prefer what do i want to look for
what do i want to blow up

what do i prefer what do i want what do i want
what do i want what do i want

what do i want what do i prefer what do i want to look for

because its alwya

always me its never them its nove
never outside of me

either make what you want or dont but youre alway smaking omething

and i love that i now this i love that
i know thsi i loee that i get to come hre and feel good

get to remember who i am get to practicce
being who ia m
who i am wan

want to be

knowing that what happens doesnt affect me
what happens doesnt e

affect me because i know its all in my favor
i know tis all in my favor
and this is theo nly work th

the feeling owrk is the only work
the feeling work is the only wor

i love who ia m work the i love who i am row

i love that i get to feel it i love that
i dot

dont hca
ccare what anyone doe


i love that the tima
the time and space that ccreates i loe t
ehs pace between

i love feeling totally confident
today i am totally confident
in letting go and letting god appear
as the abundant all sufficiency in my life and affairs

i loe that i

i can always do is
i can blow up the seed of good
the seed of love i can
always flow

blow sof u
up the seed of loe
i can always

blow up the feeling fo total
confidence i can always blow up the feeling of
total confidence

id id t

i did it i turned the boat within
i turned it

i turned it within
to total fulfillment

i am already totally fulfilled
i have nothing to gain i have nothing to gain

just trstin the flow and the unfolding

feeling ght
the feeling ow choosing the feeling now
choosing it for me
having fun for me
enjoying life for me look

looking for ways to ejoy life
to look for what i want to coo
to see evidence of the version i prefer