i feel better i feel better

its the focus its the focus and i start to feel

that way when i lose god and when i have god
i dont hlet anything get to me but wiht
when i dont have to

god everything does becaue oim
im looking outwardly but i now its not
up to to
to anything outside of me
i nowt is m

all me its allme its all and i love that
i now tha
this i love that ig et to see it in

in everthing

hte focus the inward focus and that

thats where ae
everything is


my consciousness of the spirit within me
is the divine mp
power to restore
the years the locusts have eaten make
all things new and lifte my up

make all things nesits

its me its me the everyting is in me
i now this and its up to me if i eant o
i know

i nkow the truth an i know its me i know
its me i now tis me

its me its the god self
its the god self

its never outside of me

and im grateful to
for the contrast that helps me remember

helps me mberr
rememberhow i want to feel helps me remembeing ohwo
how i wantt o feel

how i watnt of ele

i know

i know the one and only truth and thats’
all there is i know the one and nly truth

i get to livve the version i want to live
i get to live
the version i prefer its all up to me its up
to me how i want

want to go through life its taoly
totally p
up to me

i am allowing life i am allowing gd
god i am allowing life