i feel good

i feel good and i wnat
to do the work to feelgood

it feels good to make the choice
to feel good

to want to feel that

flying high feeling and know that
i can chooe

choose it at any time

feels good to feel good to ofc

to focus on who i really am

on lifting up my mind and heart
to be aware to understand and to know

that the divine presence i am

is the source and substance of
all my good

so grateful for this now
to feel connected to source to self
to love to practice love and

really feel it it feels good
to make the choice
to feel love

about everything

to love
either way

i know i am the creator
i am the one and only creator of my life experience

i love that i know this
and i get to remember to decide

connectoin connection

to source

the divine presence that i

my consciousness of the spirit within me as my
unlimited source is the divine power

restore the years the locusts have eaten
make all things new

and lift me up to the igh
high road of abundant prosperity

this awareness understanding
and knowledge of spirit

appears as every visible form and experience
that i could possible desire

i’m here i’m in the moment i’m in the
flow doing the only work
that matters it
feels good to do the only work that

matters to feel connected to feel the god self
to remember who i really am to remember the
magick of me to know

the magick of me

i’m here

doing the work to tune myself

to tuen the
tune the vibration of me

to tune to the vibration of teh

the god self the love self

i’m hre
here lining up the energy and practicing teh

the feeling of trusting the flow
of living life for m

being brave enought o li
to live life for me for what

what i need to do to stay connected
it feels good to write more
because i’m taking

i’m looking more toward self
for alignment
than looking for connection outside of me

or looking to add things to
my existence to make life