i feel good

i feel god i feel the god self i feel
the knowing of me i feel the magick power of me
i kow th
i know the power the magick power of me and know that
life can only reflect me i know thats

the universal law i love celebrating
know i love feeling the god eneergy flowing through me
knowing that

my attention and knowledge of the
god self is my

currency and that is the only currency and i know this
i get up and i jpm
jump into the day because i know that
god has my


i know i know that everything is happening in my favor
i get up and have a good day i get up and have a good day

in this right now i’m having a great day
i feel the goodness of life flowing through e

the end of an era i love that i get to
celebrate life f

im focused within i’m focused
the al
laser focused of love

i’m focused on one point and that’s

love for everything that is
and that’s all i can ever achieve

is this feeling in the here and no it

it feels good to have it to know its always here to
know thatlife i

is always workingout for me
to see winning and success all around me to
really truly feel good now to feel so good in this
here and now
it feels good to feel the best iev
ive ever felt to feel the effects of of the focus
to just allow life to flow to me

to get out of the way and allow
and never

have to do a single thing or try just
get out of the way

i’m focused i’m focused on the god self

i feel the god slef lfoiwn
floiwng through me i feel knowing that
everything is perfect

i know that i am od i know that i am god
i know i that

i am the one and only creator

i never have to feel nervous i love letting go
of anxiety
and worry and fear

i love letting that go i love that i feel completely open in this
here and now i’m foxued

in this here and now.