i get to feel better

i get to let it go i get to feel the bliss of the oment

be aware of the lbiss
bliss of the mmoment t
the bliss muslce a
muscle i feel it and i know that

the more i turn my attentio to awareness
the easier it is to catch
to hld the easier it is to hold i know this
and the more i pracctice the easier it gets i nkow this
is the only action

this is the only action this is the only action
trusting this moemth
expanding to fill

to fill this beautiful momfnt

releasing the rest knowing
the whold issue

is attachment is caring
is a lack mindset

thats the real issue a lack mindset
instead of a love mindset
today i am in a love mindset

eternal bliss doesnt care

eternal bliss trusts the moment

eternal bliss
doesn’t care doesn’t need it doeens’t matter

i love that idont ch
have to care that ic
gt to release caring that i know theres more
than enough

that i know lie is always abu

flowing abundantly to me hat i get to make the time to praccticce the feeling that i get o make

the time to practicce feeling how i prefer to feel
i knwo thats all there is

i get to feel good get to relase and the life
reflects that