i know i can stop searching

i know the secret to life
i know the science of life and know
i can just work on practicing
it i love that i know


today i am looking for what i want
to see today i am loving today i am
accepting today

i thinking loving thoughts about
myself today i am

conscious of how i feel today i
feel how i would feel if i had

a billion dollars

as if iknow

i’m taken care of for life

i love feeling elevated i love
feeling elevated i love that i
can transcend the mind
i love

letting go of the mind i love that i know
i don’t need it i know that i can just

watch and enjoy i love that i
get to watch and enjoy

i never have to wonder


today i renounce trying
todayi renounce

my humanhood and allow
god to take care of me

today i do the work to love
where ia m right now
no matter what whe

where ia m

today i do the only work that mattes

today i am awre of how i feel

of jealousy
andi knw

i know that i can turn that i

i am aware of energy that stops
the flow from flowing

i am aware of the flow i put
all my focus on the flow i put all my focus on my
best self on allowing my best
self and i can feel the feeling of it
i know the feeling i know the
feeling and i can
feel that i have access to it i know it’s


it’s the feeling of nothing
it’s the feeling of t


no thing

i know this is my only work
and this is my power this is my power
the connection and it’s easy to feel
connected and get the
best out of life
to feel connected to life and

allow life to flow through me
without trying

without striving
without caring
just watching and loving
andl etting
letting go of the rest today

i let go of the rest and the more
i let go of the rest

the better i feel

i’ve let that go

i decided to let that go and i know
that i can i know i see a different version of myself
i see te h

the other version of myself iknow that

that’s all that matters i love the
better it gets i know that god is flowing
through mei am
i am god

personsified i know this
i know this know

i know this i know this i know this
and the the

the more ip ra

practice letting go of the mind
the more i know this to be true

today i
renounce the mind

that believes error thoughts and i focus within
i quiet the mind

by any means neccessary and live life
that way i know it is meant to be lived

free from the oppressive disease of the mind