i know who i am

i know what i am i and
i know i can focus on the parts i want to feel

i am
aware i can renounce my humanhood in

every moment i renounce my humahood right now

there’s no process there’s not s
steps there’s no time delay

just here and now just entering the
here and now and i can do that every here and now

and then i feel true bliss
meaningless bliss

happiness for no reason
and that is the only thing i ever seek

today i renounce
my humanhood right now
today right now

i release the rubber band
and i love that life hle

helps me learn how to do that
i know that i will always be aware
i will always
see myself and know that my thoughts
are my creation

that i don’t havet o
to believe them

i will always have access to my god self
to the true self

to the self of truth
and that self doesnt need to act
or plan to be anything

that self just is

my true self just is

the self of truth
just is

doesn’t act
doesnt’ plan
doesn’t think

just is

the self of truth
just is in this moment
this infin

this infinite now