i love doing the work and becoming aware of the energy

there is this
nagging part of me that
keeps saying

but i’m not there
i’m not in the god flow

but why and that just creates more
of it so i can decided to
feel the god flow
stop looking at the past

and feel it now
feel the feeling now

what matters?

how i feel so do the work
in this here and now to stand up to
my thoughts and feel good now
and just doing this work

helps me become aware of
more of who i am more of what i
talk about inthese posts
and am putting into action

i love keeping up
the good vibes i know that
everything refelct

reflects me i know it’s
just a refletion

of me and i can allow
the energy to do it
i can

i love becoming aware i love doing
the work and feeling
good about myself i love
doing the work i love that i
get to feel good now i love
that i am a match

i love that i
feel wealthy

because i have spiritual

i love remembering that
nothing will ever MAKE me
happy i love that i know

nothing makes me happy
i am only happy when i am at
peace within myself
and i

i am only at peace within
myself when i am allowing the
to unfold
and not getting involved

int he r

the where and how

and i love that i’m feeling
calmer already
i love that life helps me ask i love
taking the big leap i love

doing where life leads me
and knowing that’s all i can ever do

i love knowing that
the answers

are in the here and now i love
that life

is in the
here and now

i don’t


anything else.