i love feeling good about my work

i stand behind my work
and i think it’s really good
in fact i know it’s my best work

i stand behind it
and i’m proud of it and that’s

all that matters it feels good to stand behind my work
it feels good
to stand behind

i’m proud of myself
i’m proud of my work
i believe in my work

i know my work is
good i know it is the work that comes throughme

i know it hleps

helps people i know it is valuable
i knw it

it helps people i know
people love it!!

i know it’s valuable i love
my work i’m proud of my work
i’m proud of my work


i’m proud of mywork
i stand by it
i know it’s good i knwo

ti’s original
i know it’s smart
i know it’s on par with the
best work
there is on

in this field

i know this
and thougths otherwise

i can simply stop

i know it’s up to me

it’ my choice to STOP

worry thoughts and thoughts
about my work that don’t serve me

either choose to stand behind it
or don’t do it

i know my work helps people
i know this work helps people

i know this is real i know
rasiing consciousness is important

the most important thing there

i know it’s only ever me

it feels good to
elevate to move past
it to


the thoughts that say
my work is

lacking or not good enough
or smart enough

thinking that
anyone would have a problem

with it is just a manifestation
of my own self doubt
and i don’t have to choose

doubt i can choose knowing