i love feeling the divine buzz cult of counting day 6 or 7 lost count

even just a small motion towards
devoting myself to

a single point of focus this morning
evolved into a day full of magick
the magick just keeps on lfow

flowing and if eel tfeel
the feel the divine buzz

i feel the divine buzz i feel
the divine buzz i like

the smell of

like old books
and hot professors’

i like the smell
of poetry
the paper

the classroom
the smell of the plastic chairs
and the


old sneakers and old
ideas but then also
some new ones
to mix it up

the smell of old
ideas and new ones



i need to fix my desk

today feels really good so good
that i can almost feel myself
freaking out a little

but that happens
when the world

is moving so fast when
life is supporting me

it feels like
i’m afraid because like
i have to do something
to keep up

it can feel manic

like eeryth
everything is so great it makes me
feel manic like

i have to do it all right now
achieve it all right now

there is so much i am
excited about and i want to do
it all

right now

and that is a good feeling
scary but without
the brkes

brakes on

without the brakes

is just

so i can allow myself to feel
excited about the magnificent manner
in which my life is unfolding

calmly blissful
in knowing that it all gets


it all comes through at
the right time and when
that now comes

i will know it i can trust
the nows

to tell me

i approve of myslef


i can also feel something
else something else i want to bring to light
is that i can eee

feel that life is going well
and there is a part of mind
that is looking for something

pick at

my mind is always looking for
something to pick at

how can i

let that go

let that need to


it’s like things are awesome
and my mind just keeps on wanting
to look for something to make
out of nothing

and i know it’s my choice
f i

if i allow it
whatever i believe is true

this work hekps

helps me remember it
and then i make the choice
and i cont to

count and relax and allow
that version to be my truth
and it’s

very simple

the truth

is always love

the truth is always love
and i can always come back to cneter
center and remember that

all i can

i love that i know this
is my only work i love that i know
this is my only work

connecting is my only work
and the rest follows
and i am getting better and
better at sending the siganl

il ove feeling the power of me i love
feeling the effects of the practice

made mind blowing progress on our
project how to love me

out best work ever
and such a pleasure to work with caitlin

a true blessing

and then got a new client for web design!!

someone we admire and respect her work!!

it’s just so amazing the blessings that
are always pouring our way

it feels good feels good feels good
feels good to

feel good to do this work and
remember this


is the only work
this is the only love
and love is the answer
to all