i love remembering who i am

i love waking up wnating
wanting to do the work
because it works i love wanting

the best version of myself
i love
that i knwoi can heal my life
i love

making the time to feel good ilove
that i know i am so lucky i love
that i can look for things to be

grateful for

so grateful for sub payments
and a warm bed and a warm wife who loves

so grateful for dry laundry and
my computer and a place to live
and that at least one
of my parents loves me

so grateful god loves me so

grateful to feel the feeling
of believing in life so grateful

life loves me

i love that i know it’s
all me its all the feeling and the
feeling guides everything

i lov that i never have to
care about the rest and

my only job
is to enjoy life in this
here and now

and today
i intend to enjoy