i love waking up feeling good

i love that i feel connected to self i love
feeling the feeling of thoughts
melting away like
like a mud slide

melting away leaving this
bright green grass garden

and there’s multicolored things there
like paper flowers
huge paper flowers

and it’s so sunny
and the sky is so blue
and there’s no mud

making it all brown
and the thoughts are the mud
and they

dirty everything

and when thoughts are released
or not taken so seriously

they don’tmake
everything dirty



it feels like everything
is pure again and

that’s just from barely leaning into the
flow believing in myself a little bit
and i’t

it’s scary but worth it

it can be terrifying
to value yourself

to believe in yourself
to see yourself as

worth it

worth taking care of
worth feeling good about

i see myself as valuable
i see myself as

worth it i see myself
as the shit
as god

and god is worth it

if you knew you were god

would you feel better
about yourself

and it feels good to want to
do this work to

believe in this work it
feels good to want

to lean into the flow to
allow the flow to flow