i must tune my instrument

my life is an
instrument that must
be tuned and if

i don’t tune my instrument
then life will seem out
of tune but when i do

tune my instrument
life is

a powerful melody
of co-conspiring
elements coming together
at once

i know that life and
all its


are always conspiring
in my favor and when i take the time

acknowledge this

i am tuning my instrument
when i take the time

come back to
zero to come
back to center

to come back to calm

to come back to


in the mental stream


i can breathe

i know that everything that is
done is done in the air i know
i don’t


any of it and i am far

more powerful as a creator by
directing my thoughts

i am far more powerful
as a creator by tuning my focus and allow life
to flow through me

i am far more powerful
when i allow
and when i believe in the

power of life to


my creations

so i must do this work first
i must make the time to come to center
and allow everything else to follow

i must do the work and
allow everything else to follow
i do this work i align

with the song
of the universe

the sound of god and that
is all i need

is to tune myself to the sound
of god and the rest just works

itself out

when i believe it
it comes and that is the power of me

first you believe
it then you see it and
tuning your instrument is
the act of remembering

what i already know what i
already know is that the universe is
on the case and the only

thing i can ever do is

look for the best i know


i forget about these powers
and that is ok

all i ever have to do is tune
my instrument to the song of god and
i will realign with
what i already know

i know its easy to remember

my inner presence instantly
and constantly takes on form and experience according
to my needs and desires
and as the principle of


in action

it is impossible for me to have
any unfulfilled