i’ll see it when i believe it

i know the most powerful
and important thing i can
ever do is

checkin with myself

i know all i can do is come
back to center to
see things as i want to see them

not as i think i should
or as i have been thus far

i know i’ll

believe it when i see it and
that’s all i know life reflects me
the pattern of me the

signal of me and it
is only me who can

send the signal for what i
want to receive
its me who makes the choice how i look at the
world and its me

who is in charge of my vibration
of how i feel

its up to me how i look at things
and its up to me what i allow into

my life experience

only i get to choose
and when i am brave neou
enough to choose what i want
and let it go

then it comes and i know
it never really mattered
in the first place i love that i
get to choose to love
myself and others no matter
what and that’s

what it means to

raise my vibration
and release my resistance

i can always come back to calm

back to center
back to love i love feeling
loved and appreciated i love

when i am brave enough to send the signal
of yes to knw that

that everything is a reflection
and i get to choose
whether i celebrate



i get to choose how i feel and i
can choose to

feel how fee

i can always

check in come back to center
and feel the feeling of me
and that’s all that matters
in this world

is gratitude

all thatmatters
is choosing gto
to feel