i’m happy

i am very happy in
my life and i don’t have
to feel guilty for that
i get
to love myself
and i’m

i’m doing the work
to focus on what i want
not on what i

i don’t have
or the progress i


to make i’m focusing on what
feels good i want ot
to feel goo i

i’m letting go
of the struggle i’m doing the work
to feel the

good this work always works this
works always works

all i can do is relax intothe
process of life
let go and relax into the flow
of life

i do the wrok to
work to relax into the the mormen t
moment the nw t
now to let go

to not care about anything
just nejoy
enjoy this moment feel the

freedom in this
here and nhere and
here and w

now feel good right now
because i am magick
and everything
i ever wanted is happening

right now

that’s all

just a change of focus
thought just

just he br

the bravery to choose to belief in
my life my full self fl

love myself that
that’s all i cna ever ever do
i love myself i love thi
i love this
right now i love this
rigth now
this right now
and all i can

ever do is t

i love who i am i love who i am i l

i love who i am i love who i am i love
who i am i love my life i love
one beer
i love one more

i love me i love my life i love
myse li f

i love myself i choose to love
myself i’m doing the wor i’m

i’m deciding to life

to veel
feel good to feel good i’m doing the work
i let ti go i l

let it go i let it go i loet
let it go i let

it allo

i love

that i don’t have to try i love
taht this is my lif ei love that
ti’s a good

i love this is life

i love that
i get to c

to celebrate this life i love that
this life i sgood i love that
i feel good no i feel
good now i love tha ti
get to do this wor this
this is the only work i lo

i love that this is my life i love
doing what i want i love living how i want i love
that every day is fun

i do this work because i am
in the vortex and it feels good
to milk my

the feeling to feel like
my best self in this here and now
it feels good
to celebrate this

hera dnow

and wno

and now