im iss

i miss you loving me i miss you loving me you used to love me
you used to love me why dont you love me anymore

why dont you love me why wont you love me why wot you ever love me

why wh;y; whyw doing you love me wy wont you lvoe

why do i are care why do i need it because it feels good
i miss that hug i want that hug i miss that hug
i want that hug if eel like

i’ll never feel that way again evern even though i knwo i will
but i wnt it now
is beg

is begging going to work no
s being pathetic goingt ow rk now

the only thing i can do is
not care the only thing i cn do is choose

the only thing i can ever do is choose i knwo is not
them its never them its me

i miss how i feel
felt i miss ho if elt that day

ho did i feel that

at ease happy

i did feel happyt hat day
loving i felt loving
i was giving love i want giving love

every time i thik about it i feel like
i lost it and its never going to come again but i nkwo that s not ture


i have to li
let go of carieng
i make
have to make the choice not to care

a change in cconsciousness is all there is
is all ther ei
ever is is
its only me its only ever me its only eer m
its only ever hwo i feel i now tis me inkwo that
thwa ti seek is here the at
that deeper feeling is here

its never thm its me the feeling is eek
is me the feeling i seek is me the feeling i seek
is me the
feelig i seek is me the

feeling i seek is me the fh
wholeness of the me the truth
of me the feelin g
i s

i seek is the truth ha
i know i kno wtha tis
its meissing from m now o
no bo

nobody else

its me its only me its not htim
its not here
its not outside of me that is the porble
i lost i lost i
i lost it i lost i lost
lost god i love that mgi
magic i lost the magic o life

its me i put it down i put it down when

you now hwo hwat her ei lost it then i lost it then its so hard ot kee

to keep it no it isn’t me
its me it the feeling i choose it its messing from me
that hug is missing om
me why am i

hanging on

to a hug

its never the mts never

its never them its never the

its its never the its never the mits never
them its

not her
its not you its me it snot
it never his

is this is the numer one thruth
truth the only truth

stop looking stop seeking
that’s all i can do
because it

that is not what im raelly seeking i think its that
but tis realro

really god that im seeking tis god that im seekign

its me its me im the source of the feeling
if i want that feelig i can choose it right now
i dnt
dont need it outsie of me
it never is outside of m it nver is outside of me
its how i look at it

its me its me its always me its me i create it its me its always me ccreating it its always me
creating it

tis always me its never not me its never not me

creatig it

its me i decided
i decided that i had a problem with her
i made problems with her

i looked for the rpblems
i created the becus iw anted them
i want to the to make m efeel bb

its me its me feeling its im always the source and i now this
i know this i i
i know its me i nkow its

thinking feeling ingly i knwo tis only
ever me its never them its never them

that is the on

if yo miss the love then choose it if yu miss teh love
then choose it
i know htis i i no wthis mich i now the truth i nkow

i know its doesnt matter i nkow its i
doenst matter inow the toa tao does nthing i know the

tao doesn’

doese ntohign