i’m sad

i’m disappointed im mad im tired of being mad

i know its me i nkow its me i give up i give up trying
ill just be mad and sad the ret of
rest of me life bc im tired of trying to feel good

tired of tying not trying not to love the
person i love trying not to care

being mad instead
being mad instead because loving her is too hard
because she dones love me back because i cant let her

becuae it will never be enough

i’m tired of being mad
i’m tired of being said


im tired of being taken for granted
im tired of being
for granted

i’m tired of fighting in my head

tired of arguing in my head m t
im tired of feeling bad im tire of feeling

i said
i dont want to i dont want to i
dont want to start again

i dont want to love again please
god dont make me dont
make me love again i didn’t want to i said no
i dont want to i tried not to

but then i did it again
i couldn’t stp i tried but i couldnt
i tried to block my heart i tried
to close it off but i couldnt and i
feel ag


fell again