it comes when you let it

i said
i want to do this and then i thought
i’ll get a chance and

so shortly after
i did get the chance
in the flow

i hae to remember everything is in the air
i hae to remember to magic of me i have to remember
that i get to choose that one little
glimpse of the magic and it makes me mad

that ive been createing what i dont want
that i keep thinking about and crating what i dont want

but i nkow those glimpses will always be tehre
i kno the that

magic is always right there
right here and
in the everlasting present

i thought about it and it
came right wa


i’m feelig powerful again

i’m remembering the truth again
its all in the air

its all in teh air
its all

in the air its all in the air
i just have to remember

get to celebrate that its all in the air
its always in the air i celebrate that its in the air

its always in the tithe air it
tis all in the ari

i sink into knowing i sink ito the
the feeling the energy of me i sink into the


energy of me i sink inot
into the energy of me

the power of mteh knwoing ofme i said i want this and the i said iwll get my change and then it came so quickly

i didn’t care about i or think about it again

and i nkow all of life is like this

i celebate because i truned the boat today and its easy to trun the boat

to not let the mind do the

do its think

thing becuas withiupot the mind there isnt misery
and there is bliss
and its right there for the taking

i know its real i know its real there not

no reaso to pretne

to continue acting like its not

it may heard
had but it

hard but its the only truth