its easy

to imagine its eay to reimagine its easy
to feel the te
the feeling now and that’ why im blessed to have
something affect me so i can see
how easy it i to not let it affect me

to have the day i want to have
i am aware of the choice i amwek

make in every moment i am aware that
i cn just let it go e

copletely i can depely acccept eveything that is and
tis so easy to to dthat and move on
its not

so easy to not create problems

its so esay to remember who iam to have fun
and let eveything go its

so easy to flip the switch

i really dont ccare is the thing
an di bless life i bless the life that

teaches me i dont havve to care
i dont have to care

i dont hae to

to ccreate problems were

where there arente any and i love that
i kno i love that its easyt o allo to let it go to let it go
to have a good day its eay

to have a good ay