its me

its only me its never not me its up to me its

only ever me its only ever i am
the divine presence i am is all there is the
the divine presence ia m is all there

is and this is theonly thing
to focus on this
is the only thing to seek
adn a
everything t

else follos i know this i know tih
this i know ia m i now i can get off on

my challenges

nobody is perfect i know i
all ic an

can ever do is put attention on attention
i know its easy to put my attentin

attention solely on its source and that i
is the only tast

task that is the only work the focus is the
only work and ow if eel is the only wor k
i know this is me and the w

whole world is myi eits to
upto me to what to m ewhat i creat

its up to em what i wa
create its up to em what i create and i love

that i get to

htank you thank you fo the knowledge the only knio

knowldge the only thing to interrogaate
sis the course o

of me and i know life is alawys xh
showing me that i know lfie is always

showing me that i know life is always
showing me a

what i am and this

that is the way itworks i nkow that
i created it that im always creating it that
im always

creating it that life is my art and i get to create it
i get to

to ccreate i i know hat

that i prefer to love that i prefer to have fun that i p

its so eay tomake for the center
its so eay to

refuse every thought and only
chooe god the one

nd only csource

its so easy to
its so eay

to make for the center ot choose teh focus instead

like i have so many times knowint th
that where i put my focus knowing that
tha twhere i put my fous


to choose the feeling of god to
turn attention

on itself and feelr

relief to turn attention on itsel f
and feel releif to nknow
kno nothig matter to make the time to do the work
to feel the way i want to feel and know thatl ife
will fill in the blanks

to be brave enough to allow life to tsut
trsut life to say yes to life to oloo

look for what i want to see to
be a math t
to abundance to refuse to feellack

i refuse to feel lack and i know tis
only ever me i now
i know its me i know its the
the focus just make the choice to create

the vversion i prefer and thats all i can
ever do i


all i can eer
ever do i
just chose
choose it im alway

aways chooseing it i can dh
choose the rich life the god lfe i can

choose theg od life

it no

its not outside of me its never outside os mf
of me its never outide of me

the love of god is always right here
and i ca

only i can allwo mysself to feel it
to say thank you just say thank you

to just feel for the god ds

sel fto to do the work

the divine presence i am and i know thats

all ther ei si nkow that the mind picks it u

the real me can put it down
no leaky mind no

leaky mind and i love that i get to choose it
that i get to chooe it

choose it now that i get
only i ca
get to choose how i feel and atted to my source at
everyturn i now that

only god can be missing
only god can m

missig look at god look at the source
and there i aw

you f
will find the naser every time
i am only i am there i s

is only ever i am and i can rsut
the flow of life to do

to do the rest

i can get addicted to my vortex
i can

addicted to a new thought i can chsooe the

to feel the way i prefer to feel
i can choose to feel the
way i prefer to feel i can

turn the boat i can turn my attention
on itsle f

that only thats the only palc e
it needs to be and i now the power

of this truth i know that this owrk
does two

the work this work is the only solution
this work
is the only

solution this wor k
is the only solution
i am

is all ther eiand

and i now that i

if i try to fibu
it out again i an turn to i am

i am i can always return to iam

the divine power ia m
i know this i nkow the divine power o i

iam i know the divine power ia m
i know the only cours e

source of that feelng isme i knwo tis m

i am the creatoer and i get to decie what i create

i ita

its me and life is always responding

to my prosicmity proximity to god and ai
i know this and i know this

and i nkow this

god is always responding

to me to me to me th
the consciousnes of me

i have to take responsibility tof
for the version i create

to create that version then

be brave enough

to ceratae the

version you prefer

be brave enough to create the
version you prefer

be brave enough to create the
version you prefer tahts’

all i can no mater what
im kma

making it i ahve to celebrate
because i amde it nd
i can decide
to discern

to prefer something
and i know thats what life hwleps me do
and i celebrateing that
i kn

celebrate my power and the
contrast that helps me focus

i celebrate it all i celebrate knwoing
taht god is always on my side

my ever need and desire