its me

its my choice its my choice to care or not to think or not
ad i never have to thik i neer have to care
tis the thining

its always the thinking tha ccreates the problesm that s
all it its creating problem s
just dont creat problmese

dont creat problems that’s all thre is
tis me is my power its my choice its my giffrt

its my presence its my abililty to not tc

care to turn the boat just turnt he bot
boat i dont havet ocare

i never hve to care
i never have tot hink
about that again and i love that i
ge to feel good now that i nkwo its me that i can always do thi
wrok that i can
alwys doi this
work this
is the only work the
the only power

me the only power
its me
i dont care id ont care
that’s the best part

this works always works and its alawys me
this work alwys works and its always me

its alayw me its me its me its gods plan

its godpla na i know that
i knwo tis always me and i knwo i can focus
i cnka
i kow i can focus i now hi have the power of ecou
and i can do it here and now i can choose ther ver

version i prefer t
and tha’t

that’s all it it sits all imagination make
the cer
verion you perefer and tha’ts all it is
its its choic eit he
its the mid deciding
its the minddefa

and im gratufl because it made me do this work
i knw that there is no us
rush in this work that its wa

always gods time always gods life i knw that its always
the feeloing of god that life is g

always good

its laawys what i want it to be that
i have the magic in me i know that i am the power
i know that the powerr is me i know that
i have to

i knowt he power
of me i know the per of me and
its not another
person i choose my power
i nkow my powre here and now

and its this moment its this
expectation its this
energy thi
its this rutning
of the boat the

power to turnt he boat the powe to the
turnt h the boat to choose my poer

to not ccreat the m
problems tosay hens to the flow
to the magic
toc h
choose magic to chosee my power